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Best Long Lasting Lipsticks Reviews

It was really hard to find the perfect lipstick for me. I tried so many lipsticks which were bad for my skin type and my lips. I discovered that I need a lipstick that can last long on my lips, smooth and creamy. I went on a quest to find the best long lasting lipstick. Nobody wants to touch up their lipstick during a date or a party. So you need a long lasting lipstick, not just that but the best long lasting lipstick. You will realize there are many brands, which makes it difficult to have the best one, with this, you’ll find the right one which will keep you glowing all day long,

Matte Waterproof Lipstick

Matte waterproof lipstick is good for your lips. It is waterproof and the lipstick does not stick on stuff or items. What is mind-blowing about this lipstick is that it last long, without you running to the mirror to touch up your lipstick. Before applying your lipstick, be sure to prep your lips, and also use a lip balm to get your lips moisturized. It does not stain and also last long. “check Price on Amazon”

Rimmel London Lipstick

Rimmel London is very easy to apply. It’s a smooth lipstick and also creamy. Rimmy London lasting finish lipstick lasts long. The colour is great and warm. When applying the lipstick, you don’t need to put on a lip balm because it’s not dry but creamy. The lipstick is a little moisturizing,  it’s not dry but if you want it to be super moist, then add a; a little balm to it. “check prize on Amazon”

Luxury Lipstick

The luxury lipstick is one of kind. It makes a more beautiful you. Leaving you with thousands of compliments. Luxury lipsticks have an awesome striking, hydrating and creamy look. It is a lipstick for every occasion. It is very moisturizing and smooth. It is also natural and perfect. The most captivating stuff or thing about the lipstick is that it lasts for a very long time and leaves a beautiful colour on your lips. “check price on Amazon”

Stila Lipstick

Stila lipstick is one of a kind and also an accurate lipstick. It stays on you all day long, keeping you warm and vibrant, even after a meal, it won’t fade away. It fits for all occasion. The colour is unique and natural. You will not have to worry about your lips during activities because it stays longer than you can imagine. Make sure you apply a little lip balm to it. “check price on Amazon”

Reina Rebelde Lipstick

Reina Rebelde is a go to get a lipstick. It’s a long-lasting lipstick that won’t bleed or feather. It stays on you all day long. Reina Rebelde lipstick does not stain, ; leaving you with a seductive look, getting attention and making people stare at you. This is the lipstick for you. It also has a unique and beautiful colour. The product is smooth.  When applying the lipstick, make sure you use a lip balm with it. You need a product that lasts longer. “check price on Amazon”

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Revlon super lustrous lipstick is a lipstick that keeps your lips healthy. It may need to be reapplied after a meal or smooching but otherwise lasts several hours. It does not dry out lips and it doesn’t bleed or feather. What is lovable about this lipstick is that it is creamy and smooth, and also it does not get dry. Wear this lipstick always and get ready for compliments. “check price on Amazon”


Nobody likes running to the mirror to touch up their lipstick during any occasion. When it comes to lipstick, finding a formula or lipstick that is great, best and last long is all that matters. Lipstick makes the best statement. It compliments your makeup. You need a lipstick that can survive a busy day without fading. If you’re looking for a kiss-proof, long-lasting lipstick is the best, if it’s a long day at work or a night out, you want or need a lipstick that you can trust. When applying lipstick on your lips, be careful not to stain your face with your lipstick. You will have rough makeup at the end of the day. For more details on how to apply lipstick, view my previous post here

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Fantasy Makeup Brush Set

Every makeup expert knows the key to a fantastic or great makeup look lies in the tools you use .we fully realize we live in a time where makeup is the order of the day, A good makeup brush set will help in giving you an outstanding makeup appearance. Behind every successful makeup, there are processes to make it happen. Every girl, lady and woman need a fantastic makeup brush set, to prevent harsh makeup lines on the face and around the edge of your face.

The best makeup brush set

Everyone has passionately held beliefs about which brushes are best. A good makeup brush set will give you an undeniable appearance. We will be talking on the different types of brushes, uses and how to apply makeup with a brush.

  • Foundation brush
  • Beauty blender brush
  • Kabuki brush
  • Powder brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Blending eye shadow brush
  • Smudger brush
  • Angled eyeliner brush
  • Lash/brow comb/brush

Foundation Brush

When applying foundation, you apply to the centre of your face. Use the brush to smooth liquid or cream foundation, for streak-free application. Make sure you blend well so that it will not look cakey on your face.

Beauty Blender Brush

The beauty blender brush helps to blend your makeup as smoothly as possible. Dampen with wate4r and dab on the foundation for even, sheer coverage.

Kabuki Brush

When using the kabuki brush you sweep bronzer along your temple and your hairline, cheekbone and jawline. The brush is perfectly used for the soft application of bronzers and powders. You can also use it to distribute product across your face and neck.

Powder brush

Dab your brush in your powder. Dust the bristles across your face to even diffuse loose powder for less concentrated colour that won’t smudge your foundation. Use the brush to sweep from the apples of your cheeks along your cheekbones. When doing this, you do it gently and also take your time to have the best makeup results.

Concealer brush

When applying concealer, use the brush to pat concealer on under-eye circles, also apply on spots and blemishes. The concealer brush is used to pinpoint specific areas that need extra coverage. The concealer brush can also be used to define the eyebrow after giving your eyebrow the desired shape with your eye pencil. It can also be used to clean up messy lipsticks edges. For more details on how to use an eye pencil and concealer, view my previous post here.

Eye shadow brush

Use an eye shadow brush to evenly apply powder and cream shadows. When applying eye shadow, you dab on shadow under the lower lash line for a smoky eye. Smooth eye shadow across your eyelids in a windshield-wiper motion for intense colour.

Smudger brush

When using the smudge brush, line your lashes with kohl liner, then lightly sweep the brush from side to side over your lines for a salty look. The smudger brush is used to soften eyeliner.

Angled eyeliner brush

Take the brush, dip in cream or gel liner or shade, hold the brush at an angle so the bristles are flush with your lash line and drag from the inside corner in the eyelids and lashes..

Lash/brow comb/brush

We use the lash/brow comb/brush to comb, tame your lashes and brow. Brush up and out to tame thick, unruly brows and also diffuse harshly filled in brow lines. Makeup brushes are a very wonderful set of makeup tools to a successful makeup look. Check them out on More here.

Caring for makeup brush sets

The makeup brushes we swipe, dust and fluff with daily, need to be taken care of. Just like you cannot use a dress again and again without washing them. The manner and way in which we use and care for our makeup brushes really depends on us.

Taking care of makeup brushes starts with making sure they are protected in storage. Keep brushes in a separate pouch for your bag. Keeping them covered will protect the brushes from dust or airborne pollutants.

Wash your makeup brush with shampoo. Wash with lukewarm water. To keep them in good and healthy shape, wash makeup brushes once in a month and the makeup brushes used on the eyes should be washed twice a month

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Steps to a Great Makeup Experience

The power of makeup is irrefutable; our products help us to create the beauty looks we love. The best makeup routines help the modern woman boost her confidence and face the world head high. Before you apply your makeup, you make sure your face is fresh and clean, Apply makeup to fresh and clean skin. Before applying makeup on your face, you have to take note of the following processes to give you a fresh and clean face.

Procedures In Having a Clean and Fresh Face

First thing to do is to apply a cleanser that is right for your skin. When buying a cleanser, look for cleansers that have simple redients that won’t damage your skin. You have to look for the one that is perfect or the one that suits you .Deciding on what to use depends on your skin. There are sensitive skins which may require gentle products and less sensitive skins, may require harsher products. We have different types of cleansers which include cleansing foams, Milk cleansers, Oil cleansers and Gel cleansers.

The second thing you ought to do is to apply a PH balance on your face. It will help with your skin ability to fight off bacteria. If you have a skin that is dry, look for the PH product that has low PH number and if your skin is oily, choose a cleanser that has a high PH number.

The third thing to do is to wash your face properly. After you have done the first and second step, the third thing to do is to wash your face. Lastly, rinse your face and neck completely, and make sure no soapy residue remains.

Steps to Applying Makeup

The first thing to do is to apply a moisturizer. You make sure you’re using the moisturizer which suits your skin. Light moisturizers are best for people with oily skin. Heavy moisturizers are used by people with dry skin. Dab on a little amount of moisturizer with your fingers. Spread outward and pat in the moisturizer with your fingers. Pat your face well until your face is covered. Make sure not to apply excess moisturizer. Wait for at least six minutes.

The second thing to do is to apply a primer. You need to apply your primer if you have not put on moisturizing primer. The primer will make your makeup last long.

Apply your liquid foundation. There are ways in which you can apply your foundation. You can use a foundation brush and you can also use your fingers. Do the one in which you’re good at [buffing brush]. Dot the foundation all over the face, go over pt with your brush and blend. Take your time while blending. Make sure it is distributed so that it doesn’t look cakey in places.

Apply your eye pencil and concealer. You can use your eye pencil to define your eyebrow. Draw the eye pencil on your eyebrow lines neat, giving it the shape you desire. After which you can use the concealer. You can define your eyebrow with concealer and a concealer brush, clean up your brows, Go underneath and above the eyebrow. Getting as close as you can to the edges and then blend well.

Apply foundation powder. Use a powder brush or a foam makeup sponge. Lightly dip the brush into the powder. Gently tap the handle against the counter to shake off the extra powder.  Then apply on the face and make sure it blends well. Don’t be in a hurry.

Apply highlighter. When applying high lighter, you apply it to the top of your cheekbones. Apply a bit of highlighter from your temples to the top of your cheekbone in a C-shaped curve. Use a blush brush or kabuki brush to apply the highlighter.

Apply your eyeliner and mascara. Rest your elbow on a flat surface to steady your hand to ensure application. When your hand is shaking, when applying your eyeliner, at the end of the day, you will have a rough makeup. You apply your mascara on your upper and lower lashes. Make sure you apply any other eye makeup first before applying or putting on your mascara. Place the ward against the base of your lashes and wiggle it back and forth a little.

Apply your lipstick and lip gloss. Exfoliate your lips[removal of the outer, dead layer of your skin]to give it a fresh and smooth look. Moisturize your lips by using a lip balm. Use any colour of lipstick you prefer, as far as you love it. Apply your lip gloss. Lip gloss can be optional. Lip gloss gives your lips that sparkling or glowing look. You can also use your lip pencil to really bring out your lips. Trace the edges of your lips with your lip pencil. Use your concealer brush to clean up messy lipsticks edges.  Apply your lipstick before your lip gloss.

Apply the setting spray. The first thing is to make sure you have or choose the right spray for your skin type. Just like all facial products, different products work best on different skin types. During hot days, makeup has a tendency to “melt” off your face. Find a setting spray that is cooling and sweat resistant. If it’s a cold climate, try a hydrating setting spray to protect your skin against the harsh dry air. Make sure you pick a spray that gives you the finished look you want. Shake your spray bottle before use in case there are ingredients that can settle to the bottom of the bottle. Spray your entire finished face. Hold the bottle six to eight inches away from your face. Spray the product a few times, making sur you get full, even coverage.

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