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Welcome to Trishmakeover website.

It all started as a dream but it turns out to be real. After my youth service, nothing much to do. I just stick around doing nothing..Just hanging out with friends and catching fun. And behold I met someone who turns things around for the best.

I met someone who introduced me to online business, and not just any but Wealthy Affiliate. At first, I was scared of how to go about it but now; There are lots of training and people that can help. I feel so happy to find a place like this.

I have created this website to help people who may not be able to makeover in their lives, directly or indirectly and to offer the potential solutions that are out there on the internet.

It is important to research what is out there and that is the sole intentions of this website, to be one step solutions for your research and purchasing decisions.

Thank you for stopping by. If u ever need a hand or any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.






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